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In Google Grousing on August 13, 2008 at 12:24 am

Googleopoly? Go directly to the FTC!

Is it just me or is there a touch of paranoia about Google these days. The search juggernaut has become literally all things to all people (aka internet users). In it’s wake it’s left few viable competitors.

Yahoo is now cozying up for long-tail term syndication on their properties. Cuil was decidedly “cuilunky”. Frankly any offer in the search space is DOA unless they follow-through on the buzz and pass muster with the technorati on day one.  As we’ve see with the likes of and MSN’s Live Search – trying to spend millions of your marketing dollars to pose as a better alternative to Google is like trying to wave a small flag in a F5 hurricane.

For such a massively huge market place that search advertising offers. Where’s the Avis or the Pepsi or the day. A viable number 2 or 3 competitor that can shake the market place up and offer a compelling alternative.

Google may not be as infallible as people may initially perceive. YouTube has been struggling to prove it’s ROI, though with widening adoption of broadband that could change quickly. They’ve never figured out the online shopping space though have made good in-roads with Google Checkout. Maps and Earth is a also solid product but I’ve yet to see a solid revenue stream attributed to that. Now their axing their contractors and pulling back on some of their video and social plays.

I have to also confess that I think their Maps street view option is phenomenal – though that further reinforces my paranoia. Remember just because Google isn’t just photo-capturing you doesn’t mean they don’t know a heck of a lot about you already.

Ultimately Google could see chinks in their armor. Either from being too broad reaching in their services that competition is squelched and the government will step in. Or they may not see the smaller more nimble competitors coming from behind. Meanwhile – to keep yourself entertained on the potential acquisitions of Google – you can play Googlopoly – an adaptation of Monopoly right here.

Though Google is not quite the Standard Oil of it’s day. I’d be confident to suggest when it comes to getting a your tank filled with search results today – you may be seeing less options in the next 100 miles!